Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Docker Global Hack Day #3

The Event

September 16, 2015 is the Docker Global Hack Day.  It starts at 4:00 pm Pacific Time and ends on September 21 (the following Monday). Local Docker meetup group will host the event and it will start with one hour of live stream with different speakers.  I believe food and drinks are provided also. The program at the local meetup will end on 9:00 pm but the project continues until Monday September 21.

The local meetup for Los Angeles is held at Ticketmaster

This is a global event where people all around the world will submit ideas on projects that is Docker related in these 3 areas:
  1. Docker Plugins
  2. Docker Plumbing – runC, Notary, etc.
  3. Docker Freestyle – must use features from the latest Docker releases including Engine and other Docker OSS projects
List of submitted projects can be found here.

My submitted project

My goal after VMworld 2015 is to learn the language Go and this Docker hack day is just perfect for me as Docker as well as Kubernetes are mostly written in Go.  Earlier I had an article on "A New Chapter in Docker Networking" and the project that I am going to submit to the Docker Global Hack Day is libnetwork related.

Hack Title

Utility to display traffic counter per container

Brief abstract of the project

This project is to provide a utility to display the transmit and receive counter for each container by tapping into libnetwork.  This will be a good debug tool to provide visibility on the traffic pattern of each container and to see if there is anything abnormal.

My expectation of this project

This project should able to provide me a jump start on Go and Docker.  Since this is a very simple project I do not expect to win nor expect anyone to join me but this can push me to focus and deliver the project before Monday September 21.

A part from having a jump start on Go and Docker, I hope I can meet different people of the Docker community.

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