Sunday, February 14, 2016

Practice makes perfect

It is that time of the year again for submitting presentation proposals to the OpenStack Summit.  This time is in Austin.  In finding my destiny to the cloud, sharing technologies to others is something I have been doing.  Sharing serves 2 purposes, I can contribute to the community and also in the process of sharing, I learn a lot more.

Even I was rejected to present at OpenStack summit twice, with the support and encouragement of the community, I am doing this the third time.  

In fact, this time as I have picked up more skills and experience in OpenStack, I have more to share. The topics that I wanted to share at the Summit is not some random information but from my experience in the journey to the cloud that I believe are very useful for other people that wanted to walk this OpenStack journey.

I have submitted 3 proposals and can please vote for me.  

My session proposals are:

Under the Big Tent: OpenStack Projects Explained
Speakers: Anthony Chow
Overcoming the barrier and start contributing to OpenStack
Speakers: Anthony Chow
The Power of the Community: to infinity and beyond
Speakers: Anthony Chow

Thanks for voting for me and I hope to meet the friendly people of OpenStack there in Austin.