Monday, January 18, 2016

Exploring a new possibility for my destiny in the cloud.

18 days has gone by for 2016 and I did not have a chance to sit down to write my first blog post for this year.

It was a busy month for me.

Opportunity to share

I was busy preparing my presentation for the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALEx14) on "Getting over the barrier and start contributing to OpenStack".  My session is on Jan 23, 2016 1:30 pm.

I am exited to be able to share my experience in how to contributing to OpenStack with the audiences.  The objective of the session is half informational and have motivational.

This is the description of my session:

Is contributing to OpenStack something you want to do but do not know how or find it difficult to start?

You have come to the right session. This 45 minutes session will have a brief overview of the OpenStack project, the "Big tent" approach as well as the 6 month release cycle. Introduce the audience DevStack which is perfect tool for testing code changes locally.

This session will then introduce the workflow of contributing to OpenStack and all the necessary tools from setting up the development environment, run unit test and to commit code for review. Will introduce the commit best practice, Gerrit review, Jenkins automated testing at the gate and the code merging process which is a little different than the pull request for other open source projects.

The session will go over how to create a bug report for OpenStack and also to guide the audience to find some software bug or documentation change so the audience can take the baby step to start contributing and get involved in this community.

An interview with

Being a speaker at SCALE, I was approached to answer a few questions on OpenStack and my interview was published today at  You can find the interview here.

A new direction for me

I am still in the process of finding my destiny in the cloud and I had some wonderful and unique experiences in 2015 on my quest for my destiny with the open source and VMware community.  With my background as a software developer and my passion to share what I have learned and know about the cloud technology, I am going to explore a new option for me.

This year I am going to explore if being a developer advocate is suitable for me. At this time I feel that being a developer advocate need to excel in these 3 areas:
  • Software development
  • Presentation skill
  • Community involvement
I believe I have a good handle on these 3 areas but I need to "document" my work as a software developer.  I possess these qualities/skills as a software developer
  • good debugging and analytical skill to solve different problems
  • write simple code
  • Agile software development methodology
  • attention to detail

but how can I tell others about this?

One good ways is through GitHub.

After this presentation at SCALEx14 this Saturday I am going to concentrate my activities around GitHub which includes bug fixes on different open source projects such as OpenStack, Docker etc or small projects in Go or Python.

I will write more on this subject and to report on how I did in my journey to the cloud.


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